Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post of a whole bunch o STUFF

I got stuck watching some horrible movies and haven't updated in a bit!

First off:

Dear Revlon,

Please stop making nailpolish.


Seriously! I haven't had a single Revlon nail polish that actually looked good on other than those jelly c-thru ones that were meant to be sheer. They suck you in with the pretty colour. Then the colour is complete sheer shit.

A few years ago I bought this really pretty shimmery pale blue called Nordic Sky. It was limited edition and I have half a bottle left. Not because I wore it a lot, but because the damn thing took 4 coats to look "okay" or I've had to take it all off and start again because it was so thick and would never dry. Not even with one of the drying spray cans.

Here's my recent buy and disapointment:

And here's just one coat (notice sally hansen here kicking some hardcore ass, and yup it's over old flaked off polish cuz I'm lazy)

And here's after coat 2. Sally dried COMPLETELY and coated super evenly even with the old polish underneath. Revlon was all like, "screw you, wait 30 minutes and try again bitch."

So to sum it up, Revlon can bite me.

And next! My friend Tamara opened up her Etsy store of things she crocheted (is that how ya spell it?!?) Anywhosies her store is here! http://www.etsy.com/shop/happylittletreasures

And I want so badly the super awesome cat hood scarf http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=39249912

But I'm broke and I saw the cute star bookmarks and bought that instead :)

It's already got a home

I had an EOTD but I must still brush hair, get lunch ready and put on pants. (wearing pj pants before you say anything :D

PS Anyone else kind of frightened by the "glowing kardashian cheek" look on makeupgeek yesterday? I like glowy and sparkly and all but I think that one kind of backfired. :s


  1. Haha I hate Revlon polishes too! I feel like they trick me...assholes!

    Ooh I love your friends store! I'm thinking about getting some of those headbands, they are adorable!

    And yeah that was a total fail on makeupgeek. It was a bit scary. Meep!

  2. My mum has a couple of Revlon polishes that I like, but they're colours I would never wear :| like garish pink with orange duochrome.

    I haven't watched the MakeupGeek video yet, but I saw the blog post on her site for it and the pictures terrified me tbh, not to mention the contacts she wore (lol those were contacts right?)

    I used to love MakeupGeek but I feel like she's getting a bit crap these days....or maybe I've just been enlightened or some shit. It annoys the fuck out of me that she doesn't know where her crease is, she's like 'apply that into your crease' and she sticks it ALL OVER THE BROWBONE. :|


  3. Hi Lisa Kate! They super trick people! And they never have testers!

    I love the headbands too, I think if there's a colour you want that you don't see she'll make it in that for ya.

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one scared of the makeupgeek pic lol

    Hi Silhouette! Pink with orange duochrome eh? lol I'd probably like the bottle but hate it on my hands, I have some avon ones like that.

    I do think she wears contacts when she was doing her "for blue eyes" and "for green eyes" yadda yadda looks. They look SCARY AS FUCK YO! lol. teeeheeee @ browbonecrease

  4. I find contacts like that to be creepy as fuuuuuuuck especially when MichellePhan wears them :| they don't even look remotely natural, and make the wearer look like a serial killer.

    Also: the photos that MakeupGeek took were hilarious, because you can clearly tell she's photoshopped the fuck out of them. She has MASSIVE eye bags in the video and then none to be seen in the photos XD

  5. hahahaah serial killer! It's true, they get all "crazy eyes killa!"
    teeheee just saw the video, gotta say, shes good at photoshopping lol