Sunday, March 28, 2010

When I'm un-poor I want...

As a test to my money saving abilities I am going to attempt to not buy a single unnecessary beauty product item until I can have my credit card paid off completely. It's been 2 days and so far so good.

It's really hard because there are things that disappear at the end of the month but if I buy them, then I'm breaking my own promise. I usually do anyway, but this time I'm actually going to put forth an effort!

So to help me keep track of what I'm missing I'll just write down everything I want and this way when I'm un-poor I can start (carefully) shopping again! :D

Stuff that will be gone by then but I will be strong and ignore the nagging feeling:

BPAL Smut 2010 perfume
BPAL Womb Furie perfume (both limited edition, gone on the 31st)

DKNY Red Candy Apple Ripe Raspberry perfume (may be gone by then, or may last throughout the summer, I hope)

Other stuff I want like last month:

Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad

Sugarpill Sweetheart quad

Sugarpill Goldilux loose eyeshadow I have a ton of golds but I want this one too :D

Samples of Meow Cosmetics' entire Wild Child collection

And probably full sizes of some as well.

My perfect foundation shade from Meow Cosmetics. Samples are just $1, can't go wrong there!

I checked out their forum and it looks like the Lost Rainforest and Caribbean Escape collections might make a comeback for a bit. I want samples of those and definitely a full size of the Chameleon glow powder Phyrra raves about.

Fyrinnae Fyrinnae Fyrinnae! In general, the shades that came out at the end of last year, neutrals and shimmery blues, greens, golds, Arcanes.

Fyrinnae Fluff I found my sample of the fluff worked better than the Oil Control finishing powder so this one wins for me!

Fyrinnae blush f/s in Charm, Enrapture, Seduce, Enchant and samples of a few of the others.

Rimmel Lip gloss in Black Diva, and 2 others who's names are escaping me at the moment, but one was coppery, one a shimmery nude.

A second Silk Naturals order, I only made a quickie last week to stop myself from going overboard but I'd like to go through and grab some more samples. Full size pricing isn't that bad either.

China Glaze OMG shades and others, OPI and Orly.

I'd like to check out some more Aromaleigh blush shades. I only have the rocks collection and the Gothic Lolita collection and no jars of anything else. I want something more natural or golden peachy.

MAC Viva Gaga

Super Mario Wii edition

Mario and Luigi, Bowser's Inside Story for DS

I think that's about it. I know it's mostly makeup but I don't really ever buy anything else that I don't really need other than Cosmo mags. I won't need any shampoos or lotions or bath products, I have a closet full of those. I don't listen to much music, other than what's on the radio, and it plays a ton of 80's and 90's so I have no idea what new songs are "hot" right now lol. I don't really have any other hobbies either, so no need to buy anything there.

Once I'm living back home in my favourite little big mountain view city again, I'll probably find something to do with my time, but right now, in this place, NAH. This place sucks without my friends and family so I'd rather stay in and be a crazy person with a nasty online shopping habit...

Teeheeee, I got all link happy.


  1. Good luck with not buying anything. :)

    That would be a good promise for me too. I think my credit card would love it :D

  2. lol, yup I can hear my card sob a little more each time with every swipe :D

  3. Super Mario Wii is way fun, especially with other people. Be strong! It's worth the wait!

  4. I've been dying to try out Meow's foundations too! Though I'm waiting because I have colour at the moment which is going to disappear soon, and I also have a winter foundation from Spell that's perfect for when Im pale.

    You can live vicariously through me when it comes to the Sugarpill? ;D I just bought the Burning Heart and Sweetheart quads and Bulletproof. I was going to get Goldilux since I'm a fiend for gold shadow, but I figure I didnt need it :|

  5. Hi Candiedmango! So far so good :) I got paid Thursday night and no makeups have been bought! I'd be more happy if I wasn't still broke lol, but I know it will be better with time. I've been wanting to play that for sooooooo long.

    Hi Silhouette, you.bought.some.sugarpill! yay!!! I can't wait to see what you do with it! I didn't have Goldilux on my list at first because I do have like 15 shades of gold (probably more haha) but you just get sooo much and I wouldn't have to be stingy on it lol

  6. Haha that looks like my wishlist :) I have a folder with text documents, all nice and organised.

    I really DON'T need anything anytime soon, I just got my 2nd Aromaleigh order and my 1st Morgana Minerals order in the last 2 days. I'm swimming in little packets of pretty! Of course, there's one more full-size Aromaleigh shadow I want... and I've almost decided which Morgana lippes I want in full sizes... :)