Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Boredom Strikes Again

After youtube-ing different makeup looks I saw a few where the ladies did a double winged eye. I thought it looked pretty cool so I wanted to try it myself. My eyelids are so not made for a double wing, maybe I need to bring the longest bit down a bit more to have more room for the 2nd wing, so it doesn't get wonky in my eyelid skin.

That's what practice is for :)

Here's my one eye (yup, totally didn't touch the other one, I hope nobody knocks at the door lol)

Aromaleigh pure eyes matte in Kiss main lid colour
Rimmel Mono in Siren for the crease and blended upwards
Stardust Cosmetics Arctic White to highlight

UD eyeliner in Zero
Body shop crap glitter liner for the wings
Maybelline Lash Styletto

I think that was it :D

Here I attempted to do another wing on top but, yeah, so not working with eyes straight on heh


  1. omg so pretty!i love how ur eyeshadow blend very smooth!!

  2. I really like this look on you. It's cute!

  3. That 3rd picture looks PERFECT. I love the double winged liner look, but I can't put on liquid liner for shit.

  4. Really lovely! Pinks look good on you! And the doublewinged look is effing pretty!

  5. Oooh, I like! I'm going to have to try this.

  6. Very beautiful. Love the soft pinks and double wings :)

  7. Hi Vanilla! Thank you :)

    Hi Phyrra! I wish I did both eyes now lol

    Hi Heather! I'm not very good at liquid liner either, especially on the main part of the lid, I'm always squigly there hahah

    Hi Saila! Thank you :)I'm always looking for versions of this pink shadow ever since I had this old Avon Mark Living Doll shadow single. It's discontinued but looks just like MAC Cool Pink, which is ALSO discontinued. It seems nobody likes the pale cool toned pink lol

    Hi Kayeffjay! Do it, dooooo ittttt, lol is that enough peer pressure for ya?! :)

    Hi Lillian! Thank you :D